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Sale Iranian pomegranate to Russia

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Production of various pomegranate flavors in IranIranian sweet pomegranateSour pomegranate special for pomegranate saucePomegranate exports from IranIranian pomegranate sales in Russia
Iranian pomegranate

Pomegranates or as Iranians call them, “Anars” one of the oldest cultivated fruits in Iran, and the country is currently the biggest producer of them in the world. These amazing fruits exported to many places including Russia, and a lot of companies try to sale Iranian pomegranate to Russia.

Iranian pomegranates account for around 28% of the global production of the fruit and are full of different benefits. They are one of the greatest sources of antioxidants among fruits and have many different benefits for the body and skin. The antioxidants help regulate the blood pressure and reduce the risks of various hearth diseases including strokes.

Iranian pomegranate

Production of various pomegranate flavors in Iran

According to the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture, there an estimated amount of more than one million tons of fresh pomegranates, produced in Iran every year. These Iranian pomegranates produced in over 94000 hectares of orchards all over the country. Domestic demands of Iran are around 900000 tons and the remaining 100000 tons planned to exported.
These pomegranates usually are sent to Europe, Russia, and middle Eastern countries like Iraq and the UAE.  Iran the world’s biggest producer of the fruit followed by India, China, Turkey and the United States. The cities of Saveh, and Yazd are also the main producers of pomegranates in Iran.

Iranian pomegranate

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Iranian sweet pomegranate

The sweet pomegranates of Iran are one of the best types of pomegranates found in the world for fresh consumption. They have a large size and are in perfect shape for using as a table fruit. Because of these characteristics, many foreign countries interested in importing these Iranian pomegranates.
The pomegranates are also grown organic which is a great help in their sales. Organic fruit loved by all the people of the world and have actually proven to be healthier. Also because of the lack of chemical preservatives, customers assured that they reach the markets fresh.

Iranian pomegranate

Sour pomegranate special for pomegranate sauce

The sour pomegranates of Iran are not generally very popular for fresh consumption and mostly used for making side products. Sour pomegranates are also not very popular in the foreign markets as fresh products. Even though they are not very popular abroad, these Iranian pomegranates are an important part of the local cuisines.
They are very popular among the Iranian people and used in many different dishes. Also turned into side products like Sauces, Juices, and pomegranate pastes. And they also imported by many international companies for making side products.

Iranian pomegranate

Pomegranate exports from Iran

Iranian pomegranates are one of the most valuable agricultural products of Iran. They have one of the highest prices among Iranian fruits and are worth millions of dollars. There are also a lot of interest from the European importers of pomegranates. The pomegranate producers and fruit companies of Iran are hoping next year will see them increase exports to Europe and Asia.
Officials of Iran expect the production and exports of pomegranates to increase in the near future. There are also a lot of imports from Far East countries like South Korea and Japan, and many companies are targeting them.

Iranian pomegranate

Iranian pomegranate sales in Russia

Iranian pomegranates one of the hottest items on the Russian fruit markets and exported to the country on very large scales. There a lot of different types of pomegranates exported to Russia. Since most of the imports by the Russians are for fresh consumption, the sweet pomegranates of Iran are very popular there. There are plans to increase these exports to Russian customers in the upcoming years.
One of the most important plans to achieve this goal is to brand the pomegranates of Iran as an important high quality product. Iranian officials are investing heavily on branding and marketing. There are also plans to later go into various Iranian products, like sauces, juices, and pomegranate pastes.

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