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Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi

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Types of Iranian kiwis in 1400Where are the Hayward kiwi orchards located?Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi Talesh
Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi

The Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi from the gardens of Iran, compared to yellow kiwi and blood kiwi, has the highest amount, even the highest order of customers from foreign markets is this type of kiwi. Perhaps one of the reasons why there is a large order to buy green Hayward kiwis from foreign markets is due to the high volume of kiwi harvest or the low volume of gold and blood export kiwis.

That is, if you look at the kiwi harvest statistics in Iran, you will notice that the green Hayward kiwi has a very high harvest from different cities of Gilan and Mazandaran provinces, so the green Hayward kiwi always has a better price and its sales in the market. Iran and exports more.

Types of Iranian kiwis in 1400

Iranian kiwi varieties in 1400 as in previous years in three varieties

  • Green Hayward Kiwi
  • Your kiwi is yellow
  • Red kiwi or the same blood

The harvest of all species in Iran reaches more than 2 million tons. Compared to the quality of these kiwis, we must say that green Hayward kiwi has a longer shelf life than blood kiwi and yellow kiwi, but in terms of price, the price of blood kiwi and yellow kiwi has the highest rate in the domestic and foreign markets.
Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi usually start two months before harvest from orchards, the price of which may vary from garden to garden. This price difference depends on the area of ​​harvest and the size of the kiwis. For example, in one garden, most of the kilos may be smaller in size, and in another garden, we see that most kiwis have a large mold, which is certainly the price of large kiwis that are bought and sold at a higher rate than smaller kiwis.

Where are the Hayward kiwi orchards located?

Hayward kiwi orchards, as we told you in this news, can be produced and harvested mostly in Mazandaran and Gilan provinces, but the cities and villages in these provinces that are considered as producers of kiwifruit can have high quality bars in each of them. Or lower, so according to the last few decades we have been exporting kiwifruit from areas such as Tonekabon

  • Chalous
  • Hoviq
  • Lamir
  • Lisar
  • Some sara

We try to buy.

Almost all of these areas have larger orchards of green Hayward kiwi, and their quality and durability for export is higher than other areas in these two provinces, which you can buy with the cooperation and help of our experts in the company. Buy Vitarad in bulk.

Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi kiwis are higher in each of the mentioned regions, which have a larger mold, which is why many Vitarad Group customers from India and Russia request to buy Iranian kiwis from these regions.

Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi

Sell ​​Green Hayward Kiwi Talesh

Talesh is one of the main hubs for selling green Hayward kiwifruit. Major markets for Iranian kiwis have been converted, and many Russian-Indian customers and traders from other countries travel to the city.

This region is located in the transit border of Iran with Europe, especially Russia. The highest sales of Hayward Talesh kiwifruit are made from here every year. Fortunately, the type of kiwifruit that European markets like is from the gardens of this region, which is more than 50% of Iranian kiwifruit. It is harvested from the gardens of Talesh and the surrounding villages.

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