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Sell red apples to Russian buyers

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Apple is a popular fruit in RussiaProduction of high quality apple in IranApple buyers in RussiaExporting good apples from IranSell red apples in Russian markets
Sell red apples

Iran produces more than 1.5 million tons of red apples every year, and most of them are from globally popular cultivars like the Red Delicious and Fuji. Iranian apples are extremely popular in the neighboring markets including Russia, and a lot of fruit companies sell red apples to Russian buyers.

Red apples are among the most common fruits in the world, and almost all the greengrocers in the globe sell red apples. These apples are also among the healthiest cultivars and are rich in many different nutrients and vitamins. These apples are full of fiber which will give the consumer a filling experience and make it a great healthy snack for people on diets.

Sell red apples

Apple is a popular fruit in Russia

Apples are popular and known in all of the world’s countries with the annual production of nearly 90 million tons, and Russia is also no exception. Russia is the 8th largest producer of apples in the world and accounts for more than 2% of the global apples. But even with this amount of production, Russia remains the 3rd biggest importer of the fruit with 5% of the total global imports.

These stats show the popularity and high amount of apple consumption among the Russian people. A large part of the Russian markets supplied by European producers like Serbia and Belarus. Iran is among the largest Asian suppliers which sell red apples to Russian importers.

Sell red apples

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Production of high quality apple in Iran

More than 3% of the world’s apples produced in Iran with the annual production of 3.7 million tons. More than 1.5 million tons of these apples are red, and traded internationally. Red is the most common apple color on the international markets and many fruit companies buy and sell red apples abroad.

The apple production of Iran has also been on the rise over the past ten years. All these aside, the true fact that made Iranian apples so popular in the world is their amazing quality. These apples produced organically in the finest traditional farms and are perfect for fresh consumption.

Sell red apples

Apple buyers in Russia

Russia produces around 1.8 million metric tons of apples every year, but it is not enough to supply the fruit markets. So as a result, apple buyers in Russia imports millions of dollars’ worth of apples every year. Red apples are very popular in this country and many producers try to sell red apples to Russia.

Iran is also among the big suppliers of the Russian markets. The high quality of the Iranian apples and the short distance with the sea border, made the trades between the two countries more interesting. Some of the best Iranian apples exported to Russian markets every year.

Sell red apples

Exporting good apples from Iran

Iran is the largest producer and supplier of good apples in the Middle East and West Asia. Iranian apples sent to many of these countries on very large quantities. Iranian red apples are particularly popular in these regions and most fruit companies try to sell red apples of Iran.

The United Arab Emirates is the biggest importer of the Iranian apples and accounts for 63% of the total exports. Pakistan and India are also large apple buyers with around 17 and 6%, respectively. There are also some minor exports to European countries like Ireland and Finland, and also Egypt in Africa.

Sell red apples

Sell red apples in Russian markets

The high quality and the popularity of the Iranian products, makes it easy for the companies to sell red apples on the Russian markets. As it was mentioned before, most of the Iranian apples are from popular cultivars like the Red Delicious and Fuji. This makes them very interesting for the international companies. Selling and exporting of these cultivars are extremely easy.

Especially in a case like the Russian market with this high amount of imports every year. Iran has also got the benefit of being close to Russia and sharing a sea border with the country, which makes the trade more interesting. This short distance reduces the transportation costs and the apple will reach the markets as fresh as possible.

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