Iranian grapes for export

Iranian Grapes for export to Russia

The field of Iranian grapes for export to russia is ready and ready. Qazvin’s grape export to Russia in 1997 was $ 700 million. Only 20% of Qazvin province’s exports to Russia indicative of the capacity needed to boost trade. There are 230 merchants, traders and exporters active in Qazvin province. Challenges and Solutions to […]

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Urmia grapes export

Urmia grapes export for major sales

Urmia is one of the biggest grape producing cities both in Iran and in the world, and the high quality grapes of this city are famous in many international markets. A lot of big and small fruit companies deal in Urmia grapes export for major sales, and send these high quality grapes to many different […]

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Iran grapes production

Iran grapes production for export

The cultivation of grape vines in Iran dates back to many years ago and many cities of Iran are famous for Grapes. Iran grapes production is really high, but only a small amount of this is exported to other countries and most of it is consumed as fresh fruit, raisin, grape juice concentrate of syrup. […]

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