Green and golden kiwi

Green and golden kiwi exports from Iran

Green kiwis have been a popular part of the international kiwi markets over the past few decades, and now there is a new trend which is golden. There are few countries like Iran which produce both of them, but there are many green and golden kiwi exports from Iran every year. Green and golden kiwis […]

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kiwi exports from iran

Kiwi export from Iran

The kiwi plant is native to southern China and the national fruit of the People’s Republic of China and kiwi export from Iran to the Middle East. It was first exported from China to New Zealand at the beginning of the 20th century, also were grown commercially. The egg-shaped kiwi fruit is covered with brown, […]

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Golden kiwi

Types of golden kiwi for export from Iran

Kiwi a fruit native to China which has developed in New Zealand during the 20th century and was named after the kiwi bird which is native to New Zealand. This fruit comes in different types for the export and the most popular one that Iran is also producing for export is the Golden kiwi. Golden […]

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Kiwi fruit export

Kiwi fruit export from Iran

Kiwi fruit export from Iran account for a big part of the country’s agriculture, as Iran is among the top five producers of kiwi fruit in the world. The Iranian kiwis usually hit the markets during autumn and are exported to many countries of the world, mostly Middle Eastern and west Asian. Kiwis are truly […]

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