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The largest Iran apple fruit exporters

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Apple production in IranExport of Iranian apples to IraqExport of Iranian apples to RussiaIranian apple fruit exportersApple exports of Vitarad company
Iranian apple fruit exporters

Apples have always been very popular in different countries of the world and they always account for a big part of the international fruit markets. Iran us also one of the biggest producers of apples in the region and the world, and there are a lot of Iranian apple fruit exporters, sending these fruits worldwide.

Besides being one of the world’s most popular fruits, they are also extremely healthy and a great addition to everyone’s diet. They are also grown in most regions and are compatible with different climates and weathers, which made them available worldwide.

Also Iran’s apple industry is blooming in the recent years and Iranian apple fruit exporters are trading worldwide.

Iranian apple fruit exporters

Apple production in Iran

According to statistics presented by FAO, Iran is the biggest producer of apples in the Middle East. And also among the top 10 top producers in the world. The country produces around 3.7 million tons of fresh apples every year. There are also a lot of different types of apples, cultivated in different states of Iran.

Iranian apple fruit exporters, work mostly with Middle Eastern and Neighboring countries. And send them thousands of tons of fresh apples every year. The biggest customers of the Iranian apple fruits are the countries of Russia and Iraq with tens of thousands of imports, each. Iranian apples are also extremely popular and in high demands everywhere.

Iranian apple fruit exporters

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Export of Iranian apples to Iraq

Iraq is one of the biggest customers of Iranian apple fruit exporters. These two countries are neighbors and a lot of land borders between each other. These short distances and the many borders, made the transportation of the apples easier and much faster.

These reduced expenses, will decrease the final retail price of apples in Iraq, and the overall trade much more convenient. Iranian apples are sent to local markets in all the different states of Iraq. Iranian apples are of the highest quality available. As result, they are extremely popular and high demanding in the markets of Iraq and other countries.

Iranian apple fruit exporters

Export of Iranian apples to Russia

Russia is also another one of the big importers of the Iranian apples. Iranian apple fruit exporters, transport their fresh fruits from the northern borders to Russia. Some of them are also sent with ships through the Caspian Sea. Which can be great in terms of lowering the transportation costs.

Iranian apples are very popular among the Russian customers and there are tens of thousands of fresh fruit, exported there every year. The high quality of the Iranian apples has made the Russian importers extremely happy. There are also a lot of plans to expand the transactions between the two countries.

Iranian apple fruit exporters

Iranian apple fruit exporters

Iranian apples are famous worldwide for their extraordinary taste, and amazing quality. Seems like, Iranian apple fruit exporters collect the highest quality apples from the finest farms from all over the country. They usually store them within their own storage facilities. Some of these companies export the fruits to the international companies themselves.

Some of them also work with big international fruit companies from all over the world. And export their products through their shipping equipment. These apples are sent mostly to Middle eastern countries, but there are also some sent to other continents.

Iranian apple fruit exporters

Apple exports of Vitarad company

The Vitarad international fruit company, is among the biggest and most famous Iranian apple fruit exporter companies active in Iran. They collect their apples from the finest apple farms in all the different states of the country. More than half of the apples exported by Iran are of the world famous Red and Golden Delicious species.

Most of the Vitarad’s apples are also from these popular varieties. This company exports its products to many of the countries of the world. Mostly to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries like Russia, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. The company also works directly to wholesale fruit trading companies and sell them the highest quality apples directly from Iran.


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